Hecho por Nosotros is a non-profit NGO with consultative status in the United Nations. We work to promote sustainability in the world of fashion, with a strong focus on research and education projects, to understand the industry and its problems better, and to find comprehensive solutions for creating the new paradigm of sustainable fashion industry.

We are advocating, promoting, educating, and committed to influence decision makers at national, regional and at highest international level – to bring the controversies of the fashion industry into the spotlight, and to eventually work together for a sustainable future.

Great to have you here – now, we would like to invite you to be part of the change. Please, get to know our pages to find out more about the problems of this industry. We believe that learning about the problems and spreading the word help transforming the industry to a truly sustainable one, leading the change towards our common future. Textiles are something that everyone is involved with: every day we wake up and get dressed. This is a field where everyone can start acting consciously and support sustainable production and consumption.